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By reading the article below, you will find out more about the tools that you will see if you attend welding school.

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Tools of the Trade

Whether you are interested in a welding career, or just want to know more about the tools needed for any kind of welding job, this page will help you.

The type of tools that you will need for a welding job depends entirely on the kind of welding that you will be doing.

Different welding techniques are used in different circumstances, so it makes sense that there are a number of welding tools in Maryland used.

The most important tools used in any kind of welding, however, are the safety equipment. Welding can be a very dangerous activity, so making sure that you are protected is the first thing to do.

Safety Tools

  • Gloves – Your hands are the closest part of your body to the material that is being fused, so you need to protect it from the heat and loose material.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – The term used for an outfit that completely covers all exposed skin; these help prevent exposure to high temperatures, flames, and loose material.
  • Goggles/Helmet – Intense UV light and can cause inflammation in your cornea and burn your retinas through direct exposure.

In addition to safety equipment, you will also need some basic materials that are used for any kind of welding job.

Basic Tools

  • Hacksaws, snips, and shears – These are your most basic tools for cutting and preparing the material that will be fused together.
  • Angle Grinders – Used to cut metals in a precise way.
  • Cut-off Saw – Used to cut piping and tubing.
  • Plasma Cutter – A compact machine that can cut metal quickly.

Advanced Tools

Welding has a wide range of applications, so there are a large variety of tools used by both amateurs and professionals.

Stud Welding Tools

  • Fastener – An electrode that fuses the pieces together without filler.
  • Stud Gun – Positions the weld stud and activates the fastener.
  • Stud Welding System – The machine that powers the stud gun.

MIG Welding Tools

  • Welding Gun – Typically a hand held air-cooled gun or a water cooled gun.
  • Wire Feed Unit – Supplies the electrode to the work.
  • Welding Power Supply – Most applications use constant voltage power, sometimes supplemented by an arc voltage-controlled wire feed unit.
  • Electrode Wire – There are a variety of electrodes to select and each have properties that influence the weld quality.
  • Shielding Gas Supply – This protects the welding area from atmospheric gases.

TIG Welding Tools

  • Welding Torch – Automatic or manually operated and cooled by air or water.
  • Constant Current Power Supply – This allows the current and heat to remain constant, even if the arc distance and voltage do not.
  • Electrode – Tungsten or a tungsten alloy is used for it’s high temperatures and is not consumed during welding.
  • Shielding Gas Source – Protects the weld from atmospheric gases; several different kinds of shielding gas can be used depending on the welding circumstance.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding Tools

  • Constant Current Power Supply – Ensures that the current and heat remain constant.
  • Electrode – The type of electrode depends on the weld material and desired weld properties; the three most common electrodes are “fast-fill”, “fast-freeze”, and “fast follow.”
  • Ground Clamp – This grounds the pieces of metal being worked on to reduce the risk of shock.

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