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When it comes to skilled trades, welding is one of the most widely respected due to its use being so widespread in construction and manufacturing in cities like Baltimore and many others all over the country.

But, because there are so many different kinds of welding out there, and the practice has so many applications, finding the career you want can be a daunting task.

Well don’t worry, because we’re here to help.

Learn more about welding careers in Maryland and the paths you can take by continuing to read this page. The information you find here will help you shape your future just the way you want.

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Why is Welding Important?

Nearly every industry that requires any sort of fabrication requires trained, certified, welders.

From automotive manufacturing to large building construction, welders are an important part of the fabrication sector because they help create the foundation on which larger projects can be built.

Because of that fact, it makes sense that companies are always looking for skilled professionals who want careers in welding and can help move projects forward.

What Are Your Options?

If you want a career in welding, it pays to know just where your skills can take you.

Take a look at the list below and you’ll see just what some of your options are once your finish your training and earn your welding certification.

  • General Machinery Manufacturing – One of the most common jobs for those with welding training, this is a field where you will be using basic welding techniques for general purpose machinery.
  • Agriculture, Construction, & Mining Manufacturing – Welders in this industry make specialized heavy machinery. Mining, farming, and building construction need talented individuals to build the machines that build the foundation of our country.
  • Commercial & Industrial Equipment Repair & Maintenance – You may find you have an inclination that leans more toward repair and maintenance, in which case there are plenty of welding careers available that make it easy for you to do just that.
  • Architectural & Structural Metals Manufacturing – In this field, you can build the core metals that make up the very structure of larger things. You are the first line in construction projects all over.
  • Motor Vehicle Body & Trailer Manufacturing – In this field, you would build car and trailer bodies. The American car industry is making a huge comeback, and you can capitalize on that fact.

Some Other Exciting Careers:

  • NASA – Welding careers in this industry can lead to you making parts for rockets, satellites, and other hardware that goes outside our atmosphere.
  • NASCAR – Before the cars hit the track, they each require about 950 hours of welding. Get the right training and you could be building some of the highest performing cars in the world.
  • Offshore – Welding careers on big oil rigs and large cargo ships keep ships afloat and everything in working order.
  • Pipeline – The pipelines are the circulatory system that keep our country going. You could make your living keeping this important system alive and in working order.
  • Hollywood – Your welding skills could lead you to a career in constructing sets that you often see in many films. Movies and television shows constantly film.

Where Should I Go For Training?

Now that you know where a career in welding can take you, you need to find a place to get the training.

And we can help.

Let North American Trade Schools give you the education, services, and knowledge to make your dreams come true with a new career in welding.

You can find your ideal job, good steady pay, and finally build the life you deserve.

Since 1970, our expert trainers and former industry professionals have been teaching people just like you how to quickly and easily get into careers that they love.

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