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5 Reasons to Choose Our Veteran-Friendly Trade School in Maryland

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Are you a veteran looking for veteran-friendly schools in Maryland? At North American Trade Schools, we want to help you advance your education and pursue your passions. Earning an education at a vocational school for veterans is a worthwhile endeavor, and we hope to serve you as you have honorably served our country.

Service members and veterans have a variety of educational institutions to choose from, however, choosing our veteran-friendly school will create an easier transition for you and your families.

With an understanding of your experiences and your needs, we are dedicated to transitioning you into civilian life and providing a solid foundation for your education, and ultimately, your career.

1. Our Baltimore Campus Is Close to Several Military Bases

Our trade school’s location in Baltimore places it in a highly convenient place for servicemen and women, as it is near numerous military bases.

Within a 40-mile radius, NATS is in close proximity to many military bases familiar to veterans, including:

  • Coast Guard Yard
  • Fort George G. Meade Army Base
  • Naval Support Activity Bethesda
  • Navy Marine Corps Relief
  • The US Naval Academy

The smooth transition that can result from attending our school in a familiar area will be a contributing factor in your success, and can help make returning to civilian life all the easier.

2. We Offer Financial Aid Services

Here at NATS, we believe that an education is not only a privilege, but a right for all people. As a trade school for veterans, it is our priority to make sure you receive an education without breaking the bank. We are dedicated to assisting you with various options for financial aid with opportunities like:

  • Grants
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
  • Loan Programs
    • Federal PLUS Loan (PLUS)
    • Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan (UFSL)
    • Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan (FSL)
    • Alternative Loan Program (Tuition Financing)

And in addition to our financial aid services, our vocational school for veterans allows you to earn a degree in what you love for a fraction of the price and the time compared to a four-year college.

3. Our Veteran-Friendly School Assists with Your Educational Benefits

We accept your military education benefits and are honored to be a part of your life following your service. We take pride in the network of relationships we have built with our veterans and will work with you to choose a program and adjust to our environment.

Military education benefits are offered to any veteran who has served in an active duty capacity after September 11, 2001 for at least 90 days. Students are able to attend schools approved by the government, and the government provides military tuition assistance to make this possible.

With the use of your military education benefits toward any of our hands-on, comprehensive trade programs, we can help you jumpstart your career as soon as possible.

Explore the possibilities of our curriculum and find the perfect match with our diverse programs including:

  • Building Construction Technology – If you thrive in an active, hands-on work environment then a career in construction may be for you. In addition, construction is a vital field and stands out as one of the most widespread industries in our country.
  • Combination Welding – This program offers courses taught by highly skilled industry instructors who utilize state-of-the-art technologies. The best part? It only takes nine months to complete the program.
  • Commercial Truck Driving – Trucking is an essential industry to our economy and one which offers a lot of career opportunities. Our program provides for a holistic trucking education which gives you valuable insights about the trucking industry.
  • Diesel Technician – If you have a growing interest in sustainability, this program would be an ideal choice. An increase in the importance of fuel economy and the reduction of pollution levels means companies are looking for qualified diesel technicians.
  • Electrical Technician – This all-encompassing training program can help kick-start your career in a vital skilled trade in less than a year. You will develop skills needed to implement current electrical procedures, as well as an understanding of electrical safety.
  • HRVAC – Our Heating, Refrigeration, Ventilation and Air Conditioning program will qualify you to succeed in a field of thermoelectric operation. This multipurpose program helps train you for entry to a key industry.
  • Industry Maintenance – This program is exciting for students who seek an industry that provides challenges day-to-day. Within our comprehensive courses, you will learn a diverse range of skills that can be applied in a variety of industrial occupations. 

4. Our Career Services Program Helps Graduates

In addition to our hands-on programs, we want you to have adequate professional career training before you begin your job search. With your military background in mind, our trade school for veterans is designed to help you in numerous ways.

We offer training programs by professionals who have dedicated their careers to making sure your transition from gaining an education to landing a job is a smooth and positive one.

This transition is made possible through our career services program where students are instructed in essential professional skills, including:

  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Resume writing

As a dedicated veteran-friendly school, we strive to help you all we can in applying your skills to future jobs. Connecting your passions and strengths with career training allows you to better compete in the job market and be a step above other applicants.

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