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North American Trade Schools is located less than 15 miles from Columbia, making it a great place for anyone in the area looking to have a career in a skilled trade! Our programs can get you the core skills you need and help you to start an exciting career!

The History of Our Vocational School near Columbia, MD

Over the years, NATS has become a leading trade school in the Columbia, MD area. Our history dates back to 1970 when the Diesel Institute of America (DIA) was founded in Landover, MD. Upon offering their first class, they became the first diesel trade school in Maryland.

And after continuing to grow, succeed, and help students get the training they desired, the Diesel Institute of America relocated to its present location in Baltimore near Columbia in 2004, changing their name to North American Trade Schools.

What You Can Learn at Our Columbia, MD Trade School

We offer seven training programs to help you get started toward your next career. Keep on reading to learn more about each of our programs.

  • Building Construction Technology– Receive an insightful overview of construction techniques such as carpentry, masonry, roofing and millwork at our vocational school near Columbia. This program is great for those who are good with their hands and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty.
  • Commercial Truck Driving– Gain the skills and training you need to regularly operate commercial trucking equipment. Best of all is that you are doing this while earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL). And if being a truck driver isn’t for you, becoming a truck safety supervisor, truck inspector and trucking manager are also great career options for students who choose this program.
  • Electrical Technology– In less than 40 weeks, you can get the technical education training required to go on to become an electrical maintenance technician. We strive to deliver you the hands-on training you need with industry equipment such as breadboards, conduit benders, electrical power supplies, oscilloscopes, and meters.
  • Diesel Technician– Did you know that diesel technology is a vital industry that can offer students such as yourself the opportunity to get into an exciting career? Learn the ins and outs of the field and gain the needed proficiency to repair, maintain, troubleshoot and rebuild diesel technologies at our Columbia, Maryland trade school.
  • Heating, Refrigeration, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology (HRVAC)– Become prepared for your next career with the assistance of our talented industry veterans who are here to help you work toward becoming an HVAC maintenance technician. Through our skilled trades program in HRVAC, you will be taught all about commercial heating and cooling systems at our technical school near Columbia.
  • Combination Welding– Develop the technical skills you need to take on a variety of commercial welding and fabrication jobs once you complete your core welding training. Our welding courses offer insights into specialty areas such as stick, arc, TIG and MIG welding.
  • Industrial Maintenance– Acquire the techniques you need to become a part of the industrial maintenance field. This program can teach you a wide range of skills from welding to plumbing, forklift operation, HVAC repair, electrical work, and more! If you are someone who wants to learn a diverse set of skills, or aren’t sure which trade you should choose, this is a great option.

What Makes Our Technical School Different from Other Schools in Columbia, MD?

  1. We Offer Hands-on Training From Local Industry Veterans

    While other schools in the area may be solely based on a basic curriculum, the opportunity for hands-on training in the field you desire is hard to come by. In the modern job market, that kind of experience and training is often only available through unpaid internships that can involve driving daily to a different city, along with an assortment of other added costs. Our Columbia trade school can give you the hands-on training you need to go off and begin a new career upon graduation.

  1. Get Training for a Specialized Career

    When you attend a vocational school, you are getting more than a basic college education. With our programs you are being educated on a specialized career path. At other schools, you could pursue a vague major that might not lead to a rewarding job. With our skilled trades training, you learn the skills needed to prepare your for the job you want in an exciting trade field.

  1. Receive Help Finding a Job After Graduating

    Our job training and placement services have been able to help our students find career opportunities not only in Columbia, but also in other local cities such as Owings Mills, Glen Burnie, Dundalk, Woodlawn, Lansdowne, Essex, Catonsville, Towson, and other towns near Baltimore and throughout Maryland. 

  1. Obtain Your Degree in as Little as 39 Weeks

    Other options you might be looking into, such as community colleges, can take a minimum of two years to finish, while traditional colleges take four or more years to complete. So if you are looking for a fast-tracked program that could lead to an exciting career quickly, our Columbia technical school could be a perfect fit for you.

  1. Our History of Experience Makes Us Preferable to Online Classes and Certificates

    While online schooling can be appealing due to its perceived convenience, it has serious downfalls that can affect your overall education. In online schools, you miss out on needed in-person instruction and the real-life application of tools and techniques that you can learn at a real trade school. Being able to talk to you instructors in person and ask them questions is vital to getting a proper education and training in your preferred field.

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