Baltimore, Maryland is a hub for a variety of opportunities for growth and success. North American Trade Schools is no exception, offering an experienced trade school education to dedicated students. For over 30 years, North American Trade Schools in Baltimore has understood that the most important decision you will make as a student is discovering new career training opportunities, and we’re ready to help.

Future students looking for trade schools near Dundalk, Maryland need to look no further than North American Trade Schools in Baltimore.

With our specialized programs, easy commute, and hands-on training, our trade school is accessible and accommodating for those pursuing an education in the Baltimore County area. Let’s take a look at how we stand out.

1. We Are a Short Commute from Dundalk

Earning a degree from a program at a trade school near Dundalk like ours is not only cheaper, but quicker than a traditional four-year college. Your convenience is a priority to us, which is why our location in Baltimore is the perfect commute for you.

  • There is only a 17-mile stretch between Dundalk and our Baltimore location, offering a short commute for a long-lasting reward. Creating connections both in your town of Dundalk and within Baltimore will help expand your network following graduation.
  • In addition to the short commute, the Maryland Transit Administration offers accessible public transportation that will take you from Dundalk to our trade school’s site.

For more information on the public transportation system, please visit the Maryland Transit Administration at your convenience.

2. We Pride Ourselves on Our Accreditations

Investing in a degree is investing in your future, and here at North American Trade Schools that is something we believe is greatly important. As a trade school near Dundalk, MD, our primary mission is to accommodate the needs of our students, providing a thorough, accredited education.

North American Trade Schools holds accreditations from:

  • Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission
  • Maryland State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs

In addition, NATS serves as a military-friendly school, helping to fulfill the needs of veterans through our career training programs.

3. Our Specialized Programs Make Us an Essential Trade School Near Dundalk, Maryland

We’re dedicated to making you career-ready in the program of your choice, helping you to hone the vital skills and training that will make you an attractive hire.

At our trade school near Dundalk, Maryland, we offer a variety of programs that can put you on a path to success. Some of our programs include:

4. Our Programs Can Lead to Various Worthwhile Careers in Dundalk

We understand that staying close to home after completing your program at our trade school near Dundalk may be important to you. Our variety of accredited trade programs and can lead you on the path to achieving your dream job.

In addition to offering worthwhile skilled trade courses, we strive to connect your chosen program with industries that are seeking specialized individuals with the skills you’ve developed. According to Data USA, we found that some of the most common and specialized industries in Dundalk, Maryland include:

Honing your skills and strengths at our trade school near Dundalk will prepare you for occupations and industries that need specialized workers like you.

5. A Practical Alternative to College

Creating a successful future for yourself is your mission, and our mission is to give you the tools and skills required to do so.

Finding a job isn’t easy, but we are here to make it easier. Joining an experienced trade school allows you to focus on the skills you are interested in and enhance them at the fraction of the cost and the time needed for a four-year college or university.

Attending a trade school will benefit you in various ways that include:

  • Time Effectiveness – Traditional universities can take four to five years to complete and community college usually takes two years to complete. Attending our trade school near Dundalk, Maryland will make it easier for you to earn your degree in less than a year.
    • Trade school puts you into the work force typically two years faster than a traditional university, meaning you can start earning.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Students save a significant amount of money by joining North American Trade Schools because traditional universities have a higher tuition. At a trade school, you can avoid classes that you don’t need and avoid the costs that come with them.
    • Generally, a trade school tuition is paid off within five years
    • Students who go to trade school often enter the work force two years faster than students in college
  • Hands-on Training – Traditional universities provide classes that are lecture-based and on a larger scale. Choosing a trade school means receiving one-on-one training from qualified instructors who will prepare you for careers immediately after graduation.
  • Lighter Coursework – While colleges and universities require you to take various general courses that do not pertain to your ambitions, our trade school only requires classes that are directly related to the program of your choice.
  • Career Preparation – Understanding that your main goal is to receive a rewarding job, we train you in not only specialized trade skills, but also career skills. These include:
    • Networking
    • Resume building and writing
    • Interview etiquette

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