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Develop the vital skills numerous industries require with North American Trade Schools’ industrial maintenance training. Instruction in welding, plumbing, forklift operation, electricity and more are all included.

Gain a Diverse, Valuable Skill Set With Industrial Maintenance Training


Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you like seeing the tangible proof of all your hard work? If so, a career as an industrial maintenance technician may be the right choice for you.

An industrial maintenance technician is in charge of servicing the variety of equipment found in industrial settings such as factories and process facilities. This could include electrical work, plumbing, welding and other maintenance needs, potentially giving you a new and exciting challenge to face each and every day.

Since manufacturing plays such a large role in our society (with manufacturers contributing $2.09 trillion to the economy in 2014), it means there will always be a need for well-educated maintenance technicians with diverse skill sets.

The Importance of Quality Maintenance Technician Training

MD Industrial Maintenence programWith this type of career, you will need to be able to troubleshoot larger issues while also being able to provide routine maintenance on the various machines in your facility.

With our program, you will receive the hands-on training you need to help you begin an exciting new career as an industrial maintenance technician.

Diverse Industrial Maintenance Courses to Help You Fulfill Job Demands

At NATS, seasoned professionals who know and understand the types of challenges you will encounter throughout your career teach all of our industrial maintenance courses. This allows us to better educate our students and properly prepare you for the field.


As an industrial maintenance technician, you are required to repair and maintain all of the equipment found in an industrial setting. This multidisciplinary career requires that you have functional knowledge of the following:

  • Electrical work
  • Basic welding
  • Plumbing and piping
  • Forklift operation
  • Blueprints and tools
  • HVAC repair

We will not only teach you how to use the equipment effectively, but also how to do so safely. Trying to learn all of these skills on the job could take years, but we compact it into an effective 46-week program.

Providing You With the Essential Skills You Need

At North American Trade Schools, we know how important it is to learn the right skills in order to get ahead in a skilled trade.

Through our industrial maintenance program, you will work in a hands-on environment and be taught by seasoned instructors who will educate you in critical areas of industrial maintenance, such as:

Industrial Maintenance Training and So Much More

Our program is designed to help you prepare for a career in any field related to industrial maintenance. These careers include:

  • Maintenance mechanic technician
  • Forklift operator
  • Working with hydraulic valves
  • Becoming a pneumatics systems expert
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technician

We also take our program a step further by not only providing you with the necessary training, but also giving you the tools you need to jumpstart your career.

Job Growth for Industrial Maintenance Technicians

By training for a career in industrial maintenance, you can get on the fast track to a good job with good pay.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that maintenance mechanic jobs will grow about 7% in the next decade because the work of such technicians is required in a variety of places that includes:

  • Mills
  • Industrial plants
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Apartment complexes
  • Real estate management companies

To help you find your perfect job, we offer an job training and assistance program. Not only will we teach you the necessary resume building and interviewing skills needed to stand out from other job applicants, but we will help you find a career by introducing you to our network of connections within the Maryland area.

Begin Your Maintenance Technician Training Today!

As a high-quality vocational school located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, North American Trade Schools is dedicated to providing students with the best education possible to prepare them for the career of their choice.

If you are interested in receiving your diploma in industrial maintenance in just 46 weeks, be sure to contact North American Trade Schools today!


Diploma Program: 49 credits, 1,152 hours (46 weeks)

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