Jump-Start a Fulfilling Electrical Career at Our Baltimore Electrician School

Becoming an electrician requires much more than simply knowing how to cut and connect wires. The skills you need include electrical tasks as well as electrical safety.

That is why attending an electrician school such as North American Trade Schools will help you begin a long and fulfilling career in a high-demand trade.

Once you enroll in our electrical trade school, you will complete our program and begin your electrical career in less than a year. Our entire training program lasts just 39 weeks, allowing you to become a professional electrician in less time than with traditional schooling or an apprenticeship.

For more than 40 years, we have provided students in and around the Baltimore, Maryland area with excellent, all-encompassing training to help them begin careers as electricians.

An Electrician School in Maryland That Gives You the Skills to Succeed

Whether you choose to work for a private company, a national corporation or even start a business yourself, the skills you learn in an electrician trade school are essential to beginning your career.

In the industrial sector, for example, you may be responsible for installing electrical power systems, fire and security systems, telecommunications and electronic controls.

This could include new work, maintenance or repair work, which is why it’s so important to make sure you receive a quality education that allows you to handle whatever you may encounter throughout your career.

Our electrician courses provide you with valuable experience and hands-on training working with most of the equipment you will find in the field, including:

In addition to learning how to use the electronic equipment you will encounter in the field, our program will also train you in electrical safety. The skills you learn will help you to not only repair and maintain equipment, but to do so safely in order to prevent harm to yourself or others.

Each of our courses is designed to give you the best advantage when entering the workforce.

How Do We Compare to Other Electrical Trade Schools?

At North American Trade Schools, we strive to provide you with the best training and skills needed to begin a career as one of the following:

Being an accredited vocational school within the Baltimore area, this means our program meets the stringent criteria put in place in order to ensure students receive a quality education.

Plus, by attending a vocational school, you spend less money getting the career you want compared to attending a traditional college.

Another thing that truly sets us apart from other electrician schools throughout the Baltimore, Maryland area is that we not only provide you with excellent training, but we are also dedicated to helping you succeed after graduation.

With our job placement assistance program, we will teach you the necessary skills it takes to earn a career. These skills include:

Learn More About Our Electrician School

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become an electrician or you want to learn how you can start your career, please contact us today.

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