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If you are someone who likes to stay active, work with your hands, and see the tangible results of your hard work, then a career in construction may be the right option for you.

Construction is a vital industry that offers a variety of opportunities for those willing to put forth the work and learn the skills needed to succeed.

One of the best ways to excel in this type of career is to receive Maryland construction training by attending a trade school that will give you all of the knowledge and tools needed to begin your career.

Why Construction Trade Schools Are So Important

Construction is one of the most widespread and essential industries in the entire country. Some key points to remember about this field:

  • Whether you are talking about building homes, schools, offices, or just about anything else, every industry relies on the strong work of construction.
  • The construction industry, in turn, relies on skilled individuals to plan and execute projects as efficiently as possible.
  • From those who draft the plans to the people who work with the materials to the project managers who oversee it all, it takes many people coming together for a construction project to be successful.
  • In order for any job to be a success, it requires each individual to have the proper skills and training to complete their portion of the work.

So where does one receive that training? A Maryland construction trade school like North American Trade Schools.

Why Should I Attend a Trade School?

The best reason to attend a trade school is that many employers prefer to hire individuals who have received job-related training before entering their industry. Attending trade school will provide you with this training to help you become more appealing to future employers.

In addition, a trade school education can also offer you additional benefits that include:

  • The chance to learn essential job-related skills
  • The opportunity to receive hands-on training
  • The experience to learn from instructors who work in the industry
  • Less time required to graduate compared to traditional college
  • An easy transition from the classroom to the workforce
  • Training that can increase your job security

The Building Construction Technology program at North American Trade Schools in Maryland has been training students in innovative new construction methods, machinery, and the art of building and construction for years.

Construction Training in Maryland

If you’re ready to take control of your career path and become a construction technician, you will need an education that not only gives the trusted basics of the field, but also addresses the constantly changing and improving state of the building sciences.

We’ve helped students from Glen Burnie, Dundalk, Essex, Woodlawn, Owings Mills, Lansdowne, Columbia, Arbutus, and Catonsville start training for a rewarding career. Our construction technology courses can help give you that edge in a competitive marketplace, allowing you to effectively sell your skills.

Formal schooling from a trusted building construction school in Baltimore is the best way to learn both about new construction technologies, and about how to research and stay ahead in the future.

Construction management classes from North American Trades Schools emphasize new and emerging construction technologies, and the tools you need to stay ahead of industry pace.

Some of the popular areas quickly improving in building science include:

  • Safety devices
  • Material fabrication
  • Green building
  • Computer modeling
  • Smart concrete
  • Management techniques
  • Contour crafting
  • Natural disaster-proof construction

As you can see, when you come to NATS you’ll receive an in-depth education that can help prepare you for a worthwhile career.

Learn the Necessary Skills at Our Building Construction School

At North American Trade Schools, we provide a variety of classes to help you prepare for a career in the construction industry. This includes courses that teach you about the various jobs you’ll find on a construction site, such as:

Additional courses cover topics like:

  • Safety Procedures – Provides students with information about the many rules and regulations that must be followed during building construction
  • Energy Efficiency – Shows students how to incorporate energy-saving theories into their day-to-day job
  • Blueprint Reading – Teaches students the skills necessary to accurately read blueprints and understand how to use those blueprints to make the calculations necessary to complete their job

Each of our Maryland construction training courses is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the field through entry-level, hands-on training that provides you with solutions to problems you are likely to encounter in the field.

With the training you receive through these courses, you not only make it possible to enter the job field right away, but you start building a foundation that will help you expand your skillset.

A Trusted Construction Trade School in Maryland

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, our Building Construction Technician program has helped students from all over the area for more than 40 years.

Our program combines classroom, lab and hands-on training in the residential construction and remodeling fields to give you everything you need to achieve your career goals.

Job Placement Assistance

What truly makes us unique among other trade schools for construction is our dedication to helping you succeed. Beyond giving you the skills and training you need on the job site, we also offer a program to help you get your foot in the door and jumpstart your construction career.

Our job placement assistance program will connect you with employers all over Maryland who are looking for people like you to help them grow.

“I am proud to say that I am a graduate of North American Trade Schools. The Training was hands-on and real world. My employer is very impressed with the knowledge and skill I brought to the job.”

– Angelo De La Cruz

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