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North American Trade Schools is proud to offer an extensive list of Baltimore, Maryland vocational training programs to help our students succeed in their skilled trade of choice. To complement students’ continued education, we also offer job placement services for our graduates.

Click through the program pictures below or continue reading to learn about each of our skilled trades programs, as well as our career assistance services.

Commercial Truck Driving

Get the Training You Need to Start the New Career You Want

Hone the essential skills you need for the trucking industry in our comprehensive program. Our veteran faculty will give you the hands-on instruction that will qualify you for a host of jobs in the industry.

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If  you are looking to advance your career in any of the skilled trades industries, keep reading to discover some of our on job training programs.

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If you’re a student who is researching different vocational school programs in Maryland with the intent of beginning or changing the direction of your career, North American Trade Schools is a great place to start.

Unlike other job training programs in Baltimore, our school offers many worthwhile tracks with specializations in a wide variety of skilled trades.

Whether you’re interested in earning your welding certification, working in electrical technology, or pursuing a career in any of our other hands-on programs, there are many skilled trades here within a variety of industries that you can choose to learn about.

The Maryland vocational programs that our students can enroll in include the following:

If you apply yourself diligently to one of these Baltimore job training programs, pass all of your courses and become one of our graduates, you’ll be ready to take on a career in the skilled trade that you love!

Pave Your Path to Success with Our Career Assistance Services

Here at North American Trade Schools, we believe that a quality education goes hand-in-hand with the modern-day workforce. Students who have a formal education will typically have a leg-up in being hired for jobs compared to those who do not. This is why we’ve implemented our job placement assistance resources, which can help you get on the right path when searching for your first job.

For students who are enrolled in our Maryland vocational programs, some of the tasks our faculty can assist with include:

Students from each of our programs have been hired at fulfilling jobs within the careers of their dreams – and you could be next! All you have to do is find the Maryland trade school program that aligns with your career goals and apply for our career training.

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Our programs are perfect for students, veterans, people looking to switch careers, or anyone who wants to master the skillsets for a trade that they love.

For years, we’ve been helping Maryland residents who live in cities such as Baltimore and Glen Burnie get the job training they need to secure the career they want.

If you’re interested in learning more information about our Maryland job training programs or our career assistance services, simply get in touch with our team. We’ll be there as a resource for you every step of the way!