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Would you like to explore the exciting field of pipe welding in Baltimore, Maryland? Then North American Trade Schools’ pipe welding school is for you.

We have helped students from Catonsville, Dundalk, Glen Burnie, Woodlawn, Lansdowne, Columbia, Essex, Owings Mills, Arbutus and more to train for exciting careers in pipe welding!

Here you will find all of the information related pipe welding courses offered by North American Trade Schools.

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Jump Start a Career in Pipe Welding

Mastering pipe welding can lead to a professional career in the field, or the skills can be utilized as part of an overall welding position. A talented pipe welder is highly respected due to the fact that their work protects society from the hazardous materials carried through many pipelines, ensuring safety.

This discipline could be the foundation upon which you support your future, family, and lifestyle, so consider training at a pipe welding school today.

Advantages of Welding Piping

Welding pipe is the easiest and least complicated method of joining pipe sections. It eliminates the need for special threading and complex joint designs.

Additionally, the flow restrictions are much less compared to mechanical connections. And pipe welding is also cheaper, which means it is an attractive option for a lot of businesses.

What You Learn in Pipe Welding Schools

North American Trade Schools will teach you the skills you need to enter into the welding field. You’ll learn all of the important concepts needed to succeed and excel in the profession.

We cover the four welding positions:

  • Vertical position (2G)
  • Horizontal rolled position (1G)
  • Horizontal fixed position (5G)
  • Pipe inclined position (6G)

These positions do not apply to the weld, but the actual pipe position. In our pipe welding courses, we also detail the procedures for welding pipe, including:

  • When and how to use butt joints
  • When and how to use fillet welds
  • When and how to use seal welds
  • What to do when a single pass weld won’t suffice
  • How to execute weaving or oscillating motions

Other topics covered in our pipe welding school include:

  • Safety procedures
  • Preparing and setting joints
  • Spacers
  • Selecting the correct electrode for a job
  • Tack welding
  • Compensating for weather conditions

Certification Testing

The pipe welding program at North American Trade Schools can prepare you for welding certification whether it is with a potential employer or at an accredited AWS testing location.

There are literally hundreds of different welding tests and they can vary depending on thickness, materials, etc. Every employer is able to design their own certification tests for the tasks demanded by the job.

There are two common types of testing for welding pipes:

  • 6″ schedule 80 pipe in 6G position
  • 2″ schedule 80 pipe in 6G position

It becomes complicated from there, because you will likely need to weld the two joints in a few different manners including but not limited to:

  • Carbon steel pipe welding
    • All TIG
    • TIG root pass with 7018 fill
    • 6010 root pass with 7018 stick fill
  • Stainless steel pipe welding
    • All TIG
    • Open butt TIG root with stainless steel stick fill

For some further insights, visit our page about becoming a welding inspector.

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