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Are you a veteran looking for military friendly schools  in Baltimore, Maryland to get the quality education needed for a new career?  NATS is a military friendly school that can assist you with your veterans educational benefits.

Pursuing college after the military is a goal for many Maryland veterans and can open up the opportunity for professional and advanced skill development for the civilian workplace.

Just like every other student, you have plenty of options to fulfill your academic goals, and there are many decisions to make including where to attend school, what subject to study and how to pay for your tuition.

North American Trade Schools is a Military Friendly School Right Here in Baltimore

Keep reading to learn more about veteran educational benefits assistance and discover if NATS is the right option for you in pursuing an education after the military!

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What can a Military Friendly School do for me?

At NATS we can help you access your military education benefits.  Many veterans have educational benefits that entitle them to study the subject of their choice at the school of their choice. You’ve served your country with honor and integrity; now it’s time for the government to reciprocate and invest in you!

Military education benefits are offered to any veteran who has served in an active duty capacity after September 11, 2001 for at least 90 days. Students are able to attend schools approved by the government, and the government provides military tuition assistance to make this possible.

You can find more detailed information about eligibility on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

How Do Military Education Benefits Help Me?

If you are a veteran who has served in an active duty capacity after September 11, 2001 for at least 90 days, it means that you have the freedom to pursue an education in the field and location of your choice.

While some students opt for a traditional 4-year university, others find themselves drawn to a practical, skilled trade with hands-on training. Both paths can lead you to a rewarding and successful career in civilian life.

A significant benefit of selecting a trade school instead of a traditional college after the military is that trade schools cost less money and take less time. You’re able to develop high demand skills in a fraction of the time, allowing you to start your career sooner.

NATS Assists Veterans with Their Educational Benefits

North American Trade Schools accept funding from your military educational benefits and we are proud to help our veterans through the process of choosing a college after the military.

Our admissions team has worked closely with many veterans, so rest assured that we can walk you through the process of applying for benefits, selecting a course of study and simply adjusting to our trade school environment.

Use your military education benefits for any of our stellar, educational, hands-on training programs to get a jumpstart on your career. If you’re unsure of which path to take, we can help you decide! Explore the curriculum and skill development of popular programs like:

  • Building Construction Technology: Develop your skills in the consistently active and growing construction industry. Receive specialized training in carpentry, roofing, or masonry; or opt for a path that leads to project management overseeing construction in the field.
  • Commercial Truck Driving: User your veterans educational benefits to earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL), which qualifies you to become employed and drive commercial vehicles.
  • Electrical Technology: Learn how to get started as an electrician, master hands-on skills, and gain practical experience with all the tools and materials electricians use on a daily basis.
  • Motorcycle & Power Equipment Technology: Get started in a career working on motorcycles and a wide variety of power equipment. Gain mastery of small engines and all their related systems.
  • Diesel Technician: Perfect for mechanically gifted students, our diesel technician program is an automotive technology curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of maintenance, repair, diagnosis and failure analysis.
  • HRVAC: Our Heating, Refrigeration, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology program teaches the hands-on basics for vital industry skills. Learn the essentials like air systems, basic cooling, HVAC electricity and industrial refrigeration.
  • Combination Welding: The NATS welding program provides a comprehensive set of career skills. Students will learn to weld different materials, in different situations, and use a variety of welding rigs.
  • Industrial Maintenance: Gain an education that can lead to work maintaining a wide variety of commercial and industrial facilities. Learn effective troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of all major building systems.

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At North American Trade Schools, we make the most of your educational benefits by teaching hands-on skills that lead to a rewarding and successful career. Your instructors are experienced professionals with real-world knowledge. We even offer a job placement assistance program after completing your education.


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