Students looking to advance their education here at North American Trade Schools can find peace of mind when they choose a program of ours that they love. Once a student has enrolled in said program, completed his or her courses and become one of our graduates, there are many directions in which their career could go.

To make the process of landing a job as stress-free as possible, we offer numerous career services for our grads. One of these services is partnering with local businesses in the Baltimore area that relate to or employ students with educations in the skilled trades.

One of these partners that we’re fortunate to have a relationship with is Werner Enterprises, an international transportation and logistics company that specializes in freight management and supply chain solutions. They’ve hired our students in the past, who perform services such as truck driving and fleet maintenance.

To learn more about their company background, how it has grown, and some of their thoughts on hiring students within the trades, we spoke to Werner Enterprise’s East Coast Regional Manager Jim Tower in the Q&A-style interview below:

  1. What is your specific role at Werner Enterprises, and what regular duties come with it? I am the East Central Regional Manager. My duties are to visit with truck driving schools that we currently hire students out of, present to the class who Werner is, what we do, what makes us unique in the trucking industry, and the multiple opportunities we offer. Another one of my responsibilities includes building relationships within these CDL schools and discussing with the staff opportunities for their students within Werner.
  2. Have you worked directly with any NATS students, or do you know anyone who has? I meet the students from NATS when I give my presentation in the classroom. After being hired, these students go to orientation at one of our terminals and then are assigned one of our certified trainers. When training is successfully completed, they then work with the fleet manager for the account they chose to drive for.
  3. What are some of the roles our students have played within Werner Enterprises? Describe some of their day-to-day responsibilities. NATS students hired by Werner Enterprises go on to become commercial motor vehicle drivers after completing their on-the-job training. It is the driver’s responsibility to deliver their freight to our customers safely, legally, and on time. However, they are also an extension of our public relations department as they have the most contact with our customers and the motoring public of anyone in our company.
  4. Do you think having an education specifically in skilled trades has been an extra benefit for students hired at Werner Enterprises? Why or why not? An education in skilled trades gives the driver the foundational skills for becoming a commercial motor vehicle driver. This is the first step in preparing for this career. Next, depending on what division in the company they go to work for, there will be job-specific skills that they will be taught through the training program in our company.
  5. What do you believe are some advantages to having an education with a trade or vocational school rather than a traditional university? The skillset for this type of a job typically is not found in a traditional university setting. This industry is very unique in that the specific training for this career cannot be found mainly in a classroom. It requires hands-on, behind the wheel and out on the road experience. In less time than a semester at a traditional university, the student can complete school, finish the company’s training course, and be earning their first paycheck.
  6. Would you recommend hiring students from NATS, or other trade schools, to other local businesses? Why or why not? Our experience with NATS students in the CDL program has been very positive. The individuals coming out of your program have the skillset needed to transition into their on-the-job training successfully and have become valued employees.Based on our experience with your CDL students, we have found your students are well-equipped to enter the work force. We would not have a problem recommending your students from other fields that we do not currently hire out of to local companies within those specific fields of business.

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