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From our Baltimore campus we’ve helped students from Glen Burnie, Catonsville, Dundalk, Silver Spring, Woodlawn and the surrounding areas get the hands on training they need to land HVAC careers.

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What You Learn Through an HVAC Diploma Program

HVAC training, like many skilled trade programs is all about hands-on training in addition to a classroom education.

Between the two of them, you learn a number of important aspects like:

  • How heating and cooling systems work
  • Electrical wiring for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
  • Industry Safety Standards
  • Routine maintenance
  • Component installation

All of these are important to the functioning of HVAC systems, which are widespread in places like schools, businesses, and homes everywhere.

People rely on them to stay comfortable while indoors and the need for these systems to be functional doesn’t change even as the seasons do.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see just why demand for HVAC systems is only going to grow with time.

Learning and mastering these skills is essential to the development of your HVAC career and you need to know them before you apply for any job.

Once you learn those skills and get the job, however, there’s a number of opportunities.

Where You Learn is Just as Important as What Your Learn

You know how some traditional colleges are more prestigious than others?

The same idea can be applied to schools that teach you skilled trades. The skills that you learn through career training need to be extensive enough that you stand out among the many people looking for jobs, but that can only happen when your resume has an accredited school on it.

A school with the right accreditations in HVAC is able to provide the necessary training because it hires experienced tradesmen who can teach you what you need to know about the industry.

This doesn’t just mean learning about industry standards and practices, it means learning about what you can expect when you begin working on an assignment and how to overcome challenges that you might not expect.

An education consists of much more than what you would learn while inside of a classroom, and you can be sure you’re as prepared as possible by attending the right vocational training.

So, when you’re wondering how to become an HVAC technician, where should you go for training that will help you prepare for the future no matter what?

HVAC EPA Certification with North American Trade Schools

If you’re wondering just how to get HVAC EPA certification and where you need to go to begin shaping your future, then we here at North American Trade Schools have the answer!

At NA Trades, we provide HVAC EPA certification in Maryland because we know just what it takes to get the career you want.

HVAC job requirements are extensive, but we’ll help make sure you meet all of them so you can get the job you want. We do this through a combination of hands-on and classroom training that makes sure you know everything there is to know about heating and cooling.

In addition to that, we provide job placement assistance services by working with area hiring managers looking for the skills you’ll possess once you finish your courses. You’ll be able to get to work right away!

Are you worried about how to pay for your HVAC training in Maryland?

Don’t because we also have financial assistance for students who qualify so that you won’t need to worry about how you’re going to achieve your dreams.

So get started today! Your future is waiting!

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