We Offer Thorough Contractor Training in Baltimore, Maryland

Students from across the state of Maryland have received the expert training they need from North American Trade Schools to begin lucrative new careers as contractors.

Those who have utilized our contractor training in Baltimore have traveled from various surrounding areas to come to our school, with some of these areas within Maryland, including:

  • Glen Burnie
  • Woodlawn
  • Catonsville
  • Towson
  • Arbutus
  • Columbia

If you’re anywhere in the Maryland area or beyond and are interested in receiving contractor training in Baltimore, NATS offers a wealth of possibilities.

Here at North American Trade Schools, we can help you get on your career path to success by teaching you the valuable real-world skills that employers demand.

The Importance of a General Contractor

Many different elements have to come together for a successful construction project to be considered complete, and a professional who has completed contractor training can often be at the center of it all, playing a worthwhile role.

Because different skilled trades are needed in a construction project, whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes, a central person skilled in a variety of trades is needed to oversee much of the operation.

With contractor training in Maryland, you can be that skilled professional and become an indispensable part of any construction crew because of it.

5 Skills That a General Contractor Should Know

In order to be a successful contractor on a construction site, there are a few different trades that you will have to master during contractor training, which include:

  • Siding installation
  • Drywall installation
  • Roofing installation
  • Carpentry
  • Cost of material estimation

Developing the skills needed for these tasks is essential to your contractor education, as they are all projects often completed by contractors. Read on for more in-depth information about each.

  1. Siding Installation – The process of siding installation incorporates many different kinds of material, so a contractor will need to be aware of the features of each and what best serves the job at hand. By mastering these different materials, you will be able to make recommendations about what will best serve a particular construction project.
  1. Drywall Installation – Drywall is an important part of building construction, so it helps when a professional knows how to cut the material and install it. Our contractor training in Baltimore will delve into this type of installation and prepare you for future job sites.
  1. Roofing Installation – Buildings have different needs when it comes to roofing, which students will learn about in-depth in our Maryland contractor training courses. Additionally, a professional contractor should know basic roofing techniques such as:
    • What material to use for a specific job
    • How to install selected material
    • How to replace roofing material if necessary
  1. Carpentry – Solid carpentry is the backbone of a construction project, so our contractor training in Maryland also involves learning how to become a carpenter. Skills in carpentry can also help you gain an understanding in basic building design and layout, which can assist you with future construction tasks.
  1. Cost of Material Estimation – Before any major contracting begins, you need to know how much money should be budgeted for a project. We make it a point of our construction and contractor training to prepare you for estimating the cost of projects so you know what you can expect to spend before the project actually starts.

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