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What To Expect For An Electrician Salary in Maryland

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Are you trying to find out more about what to expect for an electrician salary in Maryland?

If so, you need to read this article! We will discuss not only how much electricians earn, but also how to increase your pay beyond the industry standard.

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Job projections and salary figures for electricians are growing. According to the US Department of Labor, good careers are available for expert workers, and the numbers of openings are only increasing. At North American Trade Schools we offer quality training to become an electrician and the technical knowledge to earn a competitive wage in the industry.

New technologies also are expected to continue to spur demand for these workers. Robots and other automated manufacturing systems in factories will require the installation and maintenance of more complex wiring systems. In addition, efforts to boost conservation of energy in public buildings and in new construction will boost demand for electricians because electricians are key to installing some of the latest energy savers, such as solar panels and motion sensors for turning on lights.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

How Do I Earn An Electrician Salary?

As with all jobs, to earn the best wages it helps to get a solid education that gives you the pragmatic experience, introductions to the latest technology, and the correct credentials.

Trade schools can offer all these things along with job placement assistance to assist you in presenting yourself and your skills in the manner that employers look for.

The highest paying new careers in the electrical technician sector principally involve new technology and other such advancements in all industries.

A formal educational institute like NATS is the chief way to achieve both the credentials and access to these new technologies.

Electrician Salary Range According to National Statistics

Your job opportunities as a trained electrician are good and getting better –

Electrician salary in Maryland is getting better too!

There is a forecasted 12% increase in jobs over the next 10 years*, and the best jobs are in the industries that require acquaintance with new technologies.

Below is the are some of the biggest employing opportunities with competitive electrician salaries:

  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Local Government
  • Nonresidential Building Construction
  • Building Equipment Contractors
  • Employment Services

Electrician salaries only increase with your knowledge of new and emerging technologies.

*Statistics Taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Where Should I Go For Training?

An electrician salary in Maryland can help you lead a good life, in a great state.

If you want the best electrician training in the Baltimore area –

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With quality electrician programs in the region, you will be on your way to a rewarding career upon graduating.

“The training I received at North American Trade Schools was top notch. From the time I first walked through the doors, I could tell everyone there was dedicated to my success. I would not be where I am today without them. Thank you North American.”
Ronald Dement III

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