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Electrical Maintenance Technician Training
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Are you looking for Electrical Maintenance Technician Training in Baltimore, Maryland?

The role that a person with that job title fills is an important one but, in order to get there you need to possess a number of skills that will make it easy to reach rewarding career and the salary you deserve. Students from Catonsville, Columbia, Woodlawn, Dundalk, Essex, Owings Mills, Lansdowne, Arbutus and Glen Burnie have trained with North American Trade Schools for a rewarding career.

So if you want to learn more about electrical maintenance technician training in Maryland and how you can get a career that’s always in demand, then keep reading this page.

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What is Electrical Maintenance Training?

By studying in an electrical training program, you’ll learn how to install, maintain, and repair different high-end electrical systems as they apply to a wide field of industries.

Homes, office buildings, schools, hospitals, factories and a wide variety of other sites rely on electricity for a variety of reasons, so it makes senses that a technician capable of tackling electrical issues would be in demand when it comes to keeping these systems running.

Your electrical maintenance training will also give you the ability to work with heating ventilating and air conditioning systems as well, meaning that you’ll have the capability of maintaining essential electrical services.

What Do You Learn in Electrical Maintenance Classes?

Training in electrical maintenance can teach you a number of important skills that lead to success in a rewarding field.

Through a combination of classroom learning and hands-on electrical maintenance training, you’ll become skillful in areas like:

  • Electrical Theory
  • Commercial and residential wiring
  • Blueprint reading
  • Power distribution
  • The National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Electrical preventative maintenance

These skills, along with the others you’ll learn, are essential to many different electrical technology jobs that will be available to you once you finish your industrial maintenance training.

Once you have the right education as an electrician, you’ll be able to start making more money through jobs like production electrician, field service electrician, and industrial maintenance electrician, just to name a few.

So if you want to unlock your earning potential and get the maintenance technician salary you deserve, then electrical maintenance technician training that will take you place and give you a career that actually matters,

Let North American Trade Schools Help

North American Trade Schools is one of the premier maintenance schools in the area because we offer maintenance electrician classes that help you turn your training into meaningful and fulfilling careers after you graduate.

We also do much more than provide you with electrical maintenance technician training.

Beyond arming you with the skills that will help you succeed in your field, we also provide you with support to get you started on finding the ideal job that matches your needs.

Through our job placement assistance program, we make sure that you learn everything you need in order to land the job that you’ve just been qualified to perform.

We not only teach you phone etiquette and how to write a resume that can impress recruiters and hiring managers, but we help you successfully navigate interviews so that you can secure the job of your dreams.

We also don’t believe that money should be an issue when you’re pursuing your dreams.

Through the financial assistance that we offer if you qualify, you will be able to better your life through electrical maintenance technician training before you know it.

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If you live in Baltimore, Owings Mills, Lansdowne, Arbutus, Glen Burnie, Essex, Dundalk, Woodlawn, Columbia, or the surrounding areas, then there’s no reason for you to delay the future that you deserve. Electrical maintenance technician jobs are out there waiting for you!

If you’re ready to get started then give us a call at 800-638-5490 or fill out our online application form and find out why students constantly choose North American Trade Schools over other technical schools today!

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