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If you’re a Baltimore resident thinking about a career change, or you want to get started on your first career and one as a diesel maintenance specialist is one that appeals to you, then you should know all about the path you need to follow in order to get where you want to be

And we can help make that happen.

Keep reading to learn about the steps your need to take to become an expert in diesel repair in Maryland, because the information you find here will help you begin shaping your future.

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Where Training Will Lead You

With the right training as a diesel repair expert, there are many places that you can find jobs in Maryland.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor, job opportunities for trained engine service technicians and mechanics are expected to be excellent for the coming decade.

Employment is expected to grow by 6%.

In addition, those with formal training can become certified in the field, making them highly competitive applicants and improving their pay scale significantly.

Because engines powered by diesel fuel are among the most efficient in the world, technicians and mechanics are in high demand even in rough economic times. With this training an certification to your name, you won’t have any trouble finding meaningful work in any one of a number of industries that always has a need for people with the right skills.

What Kind of Work Can I Do?

After you complete diesel repair training, you can find work repairing and maintaining transportation equipment and heavy vehicles such as

  • bulldozers
  • cranes
  • road graders
  • agricultural machinery
  • combines
  • Diesel-powered passenger vehicles
  • Light trucks
  • Boats

Because the technology that powers these vehicles is becoming increasingly sophisticated, the training and skills necessary for a technician need to be their sharpest.

You can get that through the right training in diesel repair in Maryland.

What Kind of Tools Would I Use as a Repair Technician?

With complex electronic systems now regulating vehicles functions, technicians today are often equipped with digital devices and laptops to help them troubleshoot engine problems.

These computerized tools are often provided by employers.

In addition to electronic tools, servicemen can expect to use the following equipment

  • Power tools like pneumatic wrenches
  • Machine tools like lathes and grinding machines
  • Welding and high temperature cutting devices
  • Jacks and hoists for heavy lifting
  • Common hand tools

Learning to use equipment like this through hands-on training provided by diesel mechanic schools in Maryland makes it possible to have the knowledge you need to get to work from day one.

You’ll have no trouble fitting into, and excelling at, your new role.

How Can I Earn a Diesel Mechanic’s Salary?

The average salary for a trained diesel repair technician in Maryland is typically based on education and experience.

You can expect your pay scale to increase with the level of your training, making it possible to earn far more than untrained entry level candidates, especially if you combine that with a job that earns commission.

How Can I Get Started?

Attending the right diesel engine repair schools will get the edge you need to compete in this rewarding career.

With a Repair Technician program you can get:

  • Training in all areas of service, maintenance, and diagnostics
  • Real hands on training
  • Small group instruction from certified industry specialists
  • Lessons that include use of actual industry equipment
  • Experience with engines and other machinery
  • An education in less than a year
  • Certification in a multi-billion dollar a year industry

Specific courses typically offered in a diesel repair training program include:

  • Engine Design
  • Engine Performance
  • Cooling and Lubricating systems
  • Induction Exhaust
  • Power Train Principles

When you finish with these courses, you’ll be ready to take on an exciting career

Which School Is For Me?

There are many diesel training schools across the country, but if you want a diesel repair in Maryland program, choose North American Trade Schools.

At NA trades, we offer a top-notch Diesel Technician training program that has helped many previous students start rewarding careers in diesel engine repair, and we know we can help you too.

Thanks to comprehensive training that teaches you all the necessary skills and a job placement assistance program that helps you find work, your future is in your hands at North American Trade Schools!

“The training I received at North American Trade Schools was top notch. From the time I first walked through the doors, I could tell everyone there was dedicated to my success. I would not be where I am today without them. Thank you North American.”
Ronald Dement III

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