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At North American Trade Schools students from Woodlawn, Catonsville, Dundalk, Glen Burnie, Arbutus, Lansdowne, Columbia, Towson and the surrounding areas have all learned the skills they need to become construction career ready at our Baltimore campus.

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What Will You Learn With Construction Training?

Construction training involves a lot of different aspects that have to come together in order for the person learning to become an expert on the subject.

If this is an industry that interests you, then you should know that you will need to learn the following:

  • Project Management – Building even the simplest structures can be a complex process and there needs to be someone who can make sure it all comes together at the end of the day. Through building construction management training, you can learn all of the skills needed to successfully manage a project so that things stay on task and according to plan at all times.
  • Construction Safety – A building has to be safe for its occupants, so it makes sense that the construction site has to be safe for the people working on it. By training in safety standards, you can learn to be a construction inspector who makes absolutely certain that a job site is up to code and that workers are well protected at all times.
  • Building Maintenance – After a building has been built, it’s going to be a given that there will be issues that need to be fixed from time to time. This can include things like leaking faucets, electrical issues, and many others. When you take training for construction in Maryland, you can learn about these issues and what needs to be done to catch them early before they become large issues.

This is just a small sample of the skills that someone with construction training needs to possess, but there are a lot of others.

Whether the job involves fixing wiring, general carpentry, or managing siding installers, roofers, drywall installers, and countless other tradesmen, an education in construction technology is one sure way to prepare yourself.

But you can only get that education if you attend the right courses.

Fortunately, we can help you with that.

Building Construction Training with North American Trade Schools

If you want an entry level education in building construction, then you need the courses offered by North American Trade Schools.

At NA Trades, we take great pride in offering you quality courses offered by skilled professionals who can teach you what you need to know when it comes to construction opportunities in Maryland.

The training we provide will quickly get you on track to a promising career thanks to skills that will be in demand no matter where you go. That means that you will be able to shape your own future and improve your life in the way you want.

Not only does the education we provide make this possible, but so does the job placement assistance, which will connect you with companies that need the skills you possess.

By attending our courses for construction workers, you have nothing to lose!

So now that you know exactly what you need to do for construction training in Maryland, are you ready to get started on building your future?

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You’re career is waiting, so go out there and grab it! We’ve helped students from Dundalk, Glen Burnie, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Essex, Arbutus, Lansdowne, Columbia, Towson, and all across Maryland get hands on construction training from our Baltimore campus. Let us help you today!


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