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Do you need a CDL refresher course near Baltimore Maryland to get help you get back on the road?

Our instructors are waiting to help you start making money again driving. With one-on-one classes and an excellent hands-on training facility, our CDL refresher course is a great option.

NATS has a great reputation for helping Maryland Truckers from Glen Burnie, Silver Spring, Dundalk, and the surrounding areas get back in the saddle. If you are interested in our CDL refresher program click one of the buttons below.

When You Need a CDL Refresher Course

There are two general guidelines that you can follow to know if you need to take a CDL refresher course.

  • You were enrolled in a CDL course and got your Class A or B license but then did not start working driving truck within 60 days then you likely need a CDL refresher course.
  • You have been off the road for more than 12 months; a CDL refresher course is most likely required for you.

As always there are some exceptions to these rules. Some trucking companies will hire a driver meeting the above criteria, but that is fairly rare. If you have been off the road for a long time or never started working as a truck driver you probably won’t find work until you take a refresher course.

What is Involved?

The CDL refresher course is a 40 hour class. It tests the students’ knowledge and skills. Some of the topics that will be covered will be:

  • Shifting
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Post-trip inspection
  • Primary Driving
  • Straight Backing
  • Sight side backing
  • Blind side backing
  • Coupling & uncoupling
  • Handling of Cargo
  • Space Management
  • Parking
  • Air brake testing

The refresher course is offered one on one so you will have full use of your instructor. Their main goal is to ensure you are still qualified to safely handle a large truck on the road.

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If you are still interested in the lucrative and exciting world of commercial truck driving and the only thing standing in your way is the need for a CDL refresher course, take your first step now. You can call us at 1 (800) 638-5490 or click one of the buttons below to contact us online.

For Maryland students in Dundalk, Glen Burnie, Silver Spring, and the Greater Baltimore area, North American Trade Schools has been instrumental in earning a CDL or completing a refresher course. Contact us now to get your trucking career rolling!

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