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Are you looking for arc welding school training in Baltimore, Silver Spring, Dundalk, or other nearby areas? Read on, because North American Trade Schools’ Baltimore facility can give you the vital education you need.

Arc welding is a skilled trade that, once learned, can lead to a lucrative and prosperous career within a number of different fields. The construction and automotive industries are just two of many that rely on the abilities of talented welders to fabricate the materials that they need in order to function.

In this article, you will find information about arc welding and how the right arc welding courses can put you on the path to a satisfying career.

What is Arc Welding?

Welding can be most simply defined as a process through which either metal or thermoplastic surfaces are joined together by being melted. There are a number of different sub-processes for welding those materials together, including TIG welding and MIG welding, but arc welding is one of the most widely used. Some key insights about arc welding include:

  • Since arc welding is low cost compared to other welding forms, and its uses are versatile enough that its products can be utilized in other forms of manufacturing, it has remained a popular form of welding for many years.
  • Unlike many other forms of welding, the process behind arc welding involves the use of a high energy welding power supply in order to create the electric arc. This arc causes the breakdown of gas which produces the ongoing discharge of plasma, needed to melt materials together.

While the process of arc welding may sound simple enough in theory, it still takes time to practice and perfect, which is why attaining proper instruction through an arc welding school is essential.

After dedicating enough time to general welding and arc welding courses, you will gain the necessary skills that will make you an attractive candidate for employers. From making simple tools to constructing complicated vehicles, your newfound welding abilities will open up a host of opportunities.

What Do You Learn in Arc Welding Courses?

Not only will you learn the proper welding techniques and use of industry-standard equipment such as automatic pipe bevels, hand-operated grinders, and electric and gas tungsten arc welders, but as part of your arc welding courses you’ll learn the essential skills needed to find a job as well.

Interviewing and resume writing are just as important to your new career as your welding skills. Through an extensive job placement assistance program, we will help you identify potential employers. This is just another way we stand out from other arc welding schools.

North American Trade Schools Can Help

For arc welding training in Maryland, contact us at North American Trade Schools. And if you’re looking to explore options, in addition to our welding courses, we also offer programs in various other skilled trades as well.

Our graduates have been hired throughout Baltimore, Silver Spring, Dundalk and many other areas in the state of Maryland. With the education that we provide, you will acquire the vital skills needed to succeed.

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