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Here is the story of how North American Trade Schools Maryland came to be:

The Diesel Institute of America (DIA) was conceived in 1970 by Sheldon Monsein, then President of Central GMC/Kenworth, Inc. in Landover, Maryland. His idea for a training institute was born out of a need for additional qualified diesel mechanics to repair the hundreds of vehicles at his facility.

trade school baltimoreSoon after, DIA offered the first class in a 500-square-foot garage in Landover and thus became the first of the Maryland diesel trade schools. As word spread in the industry concerning the availability of skillful, school-trained diesel mechanics, Diesel Institute of America began to grow.

In September 1983, Diesel Institute of America opened in Grantsville, Maryland. In September 1986, DIA began offering commercial truck driver training. In 2002, Diesel Institute was purchased and is presently owned by EFC Trade. In May 2004, Diesel Institute of America relocated from Grantsville, Maryland to its present location in Baltimore, and the name was changed to North American Trade Schools, and they now offer several programs to choose from! Contact us to enroll in this Baltimore trade school today.

North American Trade Schools program offerings and facilities have grown rapidly over the years to keep pace with ever-increasing industry demands.