Learn how to weld at NATS today

Here at North American Trade Schools, we continue to offer our combination welding program to students every semester, and for good reason. When you learn how to weld, you’re opening yourself up to new career opportunities that not many will have.

Once you’ve made the decision to jump-start the process of becoming a welder, you’ll quickly start to acquire the tricks and tools of the trade. You’ll learn the essentials of everything from arc welding to MIG welding, and while here you’ll earn your full welding certification. Something everyone could benefit from knowing, however, is just how important it is to learn how to weld.

Welders can contribute positively to our society in a variety of industries, so if you’re thinking about becoming a welder, keep reading to learn how you can make a difference every single day.

1. Opportunity to Contribute to a Variety of Industries

Why become a welder? When you educate yourself by mastering many essential welding skills, one of the biggest advantages you’ll notice is the many directions you can choose from when exploring career options.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the basic welding skills you learn in a vocational school are similar across industries, allowing for an easy transfer to other fields.

By becoming a welder, you have the opportunity to make an impression and grow as an employee in industries such as:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Commercial and industrial machinery maintenance
  • Architectural and structural metals manufacturing

2. Reduce the Shortage of Qualified Welders

Another reason why you should become a welder revolves around how important welders are to everyday life. Welding is utilized in everything from cars to buildings to planes, meaning that the welding profession is as essential as ever.

Another fact to consider about the continued need for welders is the shortage in skilled labor employees across the country. The American Welding Society estimates a 290,000 job deficit in welders by 2020, which could cause an increase in product demand, slower turnaround times and even outsourced labor.

By becoming a welder, you have the opportunity to turn this statistic around by contributing to the manufacturing industry each and every day.

3. A Personal Contribution to America’s Economy

When you learn how to weld, you’re not only filling up spots that were previously empty due to a shortage; you’re also contributing directly to America’s economy. As more and more students choose to learn welding skills and other trades at vocational schools, they will be exactly who manufacturing employees are looking to hire.

Trade school graduates will have the qualifications to contribute to the economy of both large corporations and small businesses. In turn, newly hired welders are not only jumpstarting a career they love, but they’re also keeping more and more welding/manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

4. A Career Path That Supports the Military

If you’re interested in becoming a welder, but you’ve also considered going into the military, there is opportunity for you to do both at once.

  • The military is always in need of welding and manufacturing professionals to assist with duties such as repairing tanks, building pipelines and outfitting military vehicles.
  • Additionally, North American Trade Schools is proud to be a military-friendly school for veterans looking to further their education. We can help veterans who are looking to learn how to weld every step of the way.

5. Your Education Can Be an Example to Others

An important point to consider when you ask yourself “why should I become a welder?” is how influential your career can be on others. By earning an education and growing your career in a path that you’re passionate about, you can lead by example for:

  • Children – By making children aware of the variety of jobs that welders can hold, you can contribute to the future of welding with your influence on the next generation.
  • Women – Only about 5% of welders currently in the U.S. are women, with that number continuing to drop. As a welder, you can do your part by shining a light on the welding industry for women.
  • Co-Workers – When you graduate from a trade school with a welding degree, you’ll have the latest skillset needed for many welding jobs. This gives you the opportunity to educate coworkers on new trends and equipment in the industry.

Learn How to Be a Welder Today!

North American Trade Schools is proud to offer an accredited program that teaches our students everything they need to know about the welding profession. By becoming a welder, you can establish your career, contribute to our country’s economy and even lead others by example.

To learn more about our welding program, be sure to reach out to us. Contact our team today because we look forward to building the future with you!