companies in Baltimore MD

Check out this great list of 30 local Baltimore businesses that are making a difference in the community, whether it’s in their dedication to bettering the city, bringing people together, or just doing something cool! 

  1. ZeroFOX – Named one of the top 10 Maryland tech start-ups to watch in 2016 by DCInno, this cool company also recently raised $40 million to expand its global presence.
  1. Premier Rides – This cool company makes roller coasters. It doesn’t get much more fun than that. They were also named one of the coolest businesses in Baltimore by Expert Market.
  1. Plano-Coudon – After winning many awards and working actively to be sustainable, this construction company has made a solid mark in Baltimore.
  1. STX – Do you like or play sports? This newer Maryland-based company creates lacrosse, hockey, and field hockey sticks.
  1. Emerging Technology Centers (etc) – Not only does this cool company bring a lot to Baltimore, they give back to it, recently giving away $100,000 to local company Barttron.
  1. A&E Welding – This welding company does beautiful work all around Baltimore, adding character and helping Baltimore maintain its historic charm.
  1. EBA Engineering – Recently named the number one minority-owned business in Baltimore by the Baltimore Business Journal.
  1. Goetze’s – Since 1895, this local company has been making sweet treats known not only to locals, but all over the U.S.
  1. Maryland Glass & Mirror Company – Another company that has been around for a long while, Maryland Glass & Mirror has been providing their services since 1912.
  1. Union Craft Brewery – This brewing company has been making great connections with other local businesses through what they call the Union Collective, bringing together the community!
  1. Berry – Dedicated to their mission of creating sustainable products, Berry makes plastic products for a wide variety of industries while striving to use natural resources, improve climate change, and reduce waste.
  1. FiberPlex Technologies – Their partner and the CFO, Cyndi Peters, was awarded the recognition of “Best in Finance 2017” by Baltimore Business Journal.
  1. Charm City Helicopters – Did you know you can take a helicopter tour of the city? This cool business lets you experience the best views in town!
  1. Clinton Electric Co. – Family owned since 1969, Clinton Electric Co. is Baltimore’s premier electrical company and serves over 50,000 people in the area!
  1. Luis Construction Co. – Also recently named one of the top minority-owned businesses by Baltimore Business Journal.
  1. Barton Marlow – This building company has worked on many projects throughout Baltimore, and has won countless awards for their work all around the U.S.
  1. D&T Welding – As a certified small business in Baltimore, these welders have worked on improving the city, such as at the Jones Falls Bike Trail, and other locations.
  1. Baltimore Gas and Electric Company – In 2015, they won a Maryland Business Philanthropy Award and have made charitable contributions in the area.
  1. Ayers Saint Gross Architects – Not only has this group made some cool spaces in Baltimore, but they were also a nominee of the Mayor’s Recognition Award in 2016.
  1. Arundel Cooling & Heating Co. – This HVAC company earned the Distinguished Dealer Award by the Carrier Corporation for their commitment to quality heating and air conditioning, and customer service in the area.
  1. Charm City Cakes – As the most popular bakery in Baltimore, this cake shop has been featured on many popular food shows and even has 90k followers on Twitter!
  1. Kooper’s Chowhound Burger – Known as Baltimore’s best burger, this company was established in 2009 and has made a name for themselves in the city.
  1. Coco Couture – Love chocolate and ice cream? Then you probably have heard about Coco Couture. Owner Jessica Zaleskiwicz was recently awarded the title of Maryland’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  1. FactoryFour – As a new Baltimore area start-up, this company is making a name for itself in the manufacturing industry.
  1. Charm City Meadworks – Baltimore’s first meadery brews, bottles, and is bred, all in the city! Check out their taproom when it opens in July.
  1. Alpha Graphics – This cool printing company is a woman-owned boutique providing digital prints, graphics and design in Baltimore!
  1. The Baltimore Whiskey Company – Have a taste for great whiskey? Be sure to check out this local company that distills their product in Baltimore!
  1. Marlin Steel – As seen on a variety of notable news outlets, this company manufactures wire products right here in the USA.
  1. Baltimore Tech – This community of businesses and professionals keeps members up to date on trending tech news, and helps people find jobs in Baltimore!
  1. Cianbro – Not only has this company been around for many years, but they’ve also won numerous awards for their good work and experience.

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