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Deciding to enter a trade school program, like the many offered by North American Trade Schools, means being able to take advantage of exciting opportunities and find a worthwhile career and future for yourself.

But moving on from high school, or the workforce, into higher education can be a very demanding prospect, and having proper resources to help make the transition is vital to your success.

That is why we have outlined 25 useful blogs and websites to help assist students during their time in trade school and once they’ve begun to prepare for the job market.

Educational Preparation


  • Trade – This site offers interesting articles, student loan information, textbook resources and advice for those looking to enter a trade school and get the most out of their education.
  • Honest College – Featuring a wealth of information about studying, admission processes, and how to transition from high school to higher education, this is a valuable resource worth checking into.
  • Study Hacks Blog – This blog, run by a veteran instructor, gives meaningful insights into study habits and aims to help prepare students and professionals for the demands of worthwhile careers.
  • Hack College – Presenting a lot of useful info for anyone entering higher education, this site offers tips on taking notes, technology recommendations and job resources, among many other topics.
  • My College Guide – Another blog dedicated to higher education, students visiting this site can get information about test preparation, student loans and more.
  • Plan for College – With a focus on preparing students for higher education, this blog is essential for anyone who is coming out of high school or is returning to the classroom after being a part of the workforce.
  • Career Colleges – This site is ideal for anyone wanting to enter a trade school or vocational program, as it features career assessments, regular news and article updates, and interviews with industry professionals.

Industry News


  • Manufacturing Innovation Blog – Providing in-depth information about news and trends within the manufacturing world, this site is a terrific resource for anyone looking to get a leg up on their future and stay up-to-date on the industry.
  • Manufacture This – This blog, operated by the not-for-profit Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), serves as an educational tool for those in the manufacturing trade and works to produce new industry jobs by way of advocacy.
  • – Resource guides, online manufacturing materials, daily newsletters and sponsored webcasts are just some of the components of this great manufacturing resource.
  • Manufacturing Matters – Providing insights into the automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial sectors, this site is a must-read for anyone entering a manufacturing career or those who wish to stay informed.
  • Women in Manufacturing – A great site dedicated to focusing on the role of women in the manufacturing sector, along with providing a platform for news and relevant issues faced by workers.

Trucking & Automotive

  • NADA Commercial Truck Blog – Overseen by the National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide, this site provides useful insights and industry news about the trucking profession.
  • Commercial Truck Success Blog – With a focus on light- and medium-duty trucks, along with advice, tips and stories from industry veterans, this site is perfect for the emerging trucker looking to get ahead in an exciting industry.
  • Trucking Truth – Dedicated to providing straight-talk about the trucking industry in a positive atmosphere, aspiring truckers can learn plenty from the articles, safety tips and regulation updates the site offers.
  • On the Road – Written by an industry veteran of 20 years, this blog details trucking news, technology innovations in the industry, and analysis of emerging trends.

Construction & HVAC

  • Construction Informer Blog – Focusing on exciting news in the construction trade, this blog offers fascinating articles and insights from industry veterans on a wide range of topics, with the goal of creating more educated professionals.
  • Federal Construction Contracting Blog – This resource, with its up-to-date info about legal requirements in the construction trade, is an essential site to have bookmarked for future reference.
  • Best Practices Construction Law – Another construction blog with a legal focus, this site provides in-depth information about industry regulations and how to properly comply.
  • Goodway HVAC Blog – For exciting trends and innovations in the world of HVAC systems, this is your go-to resource. Posts delve into technological, environmental, economic and social facets of the industry.

Career Resources


  • Skilled Trade Careers – This job board presents a regularly updated roll of exciting opportunities across the United States from such fields as HVAC, automotive, electrical and general manufacturing, among others.
  • Skilled Workers – Another job board with a varied collection of postings, visitors can find listings for oil & gas, industrial maintenance, trucking, engineering, manufacturing, electrical, HVAC and construction positions, among many others.
  • Skilled Jobs Direct – Visitors can find postings for positions ranging from machinists to foremen to production operators to truck drivers to heavy equipment operators and so much more!
  • – With North American Trade Schools being a recognized military-friendly school, this site is right up our alley. Providing veterans with job fair opportunities, career advice and a wide range of job postings, any skilled tradesman with military experience should regularly attend this site.
  • Construction Jobs – With a focus on the construction trade, visitors to this site can search for jobs in the industry by area, but can also receive resume writing tips, insights about job-hunting, and relevant articles about construction.

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