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Are you looking for carpentry classes in Baltimore, Maryland?

At North American Trade Schools, we’ve helped people from across the state of Maryland and beyond get the vital Baltimore carpentry training they need for an exciting field. If you want to start down the path to a carpentry career and you need to know where to begin, then read on for essential information.

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What Kinds of Jobs Can Carpentry Training Lead To?

When you possess the kinds of skills that one learns through a Maryland carpentry training program, you can qualify for jobs that can include:

  1. Carpenter – From the framework to the fixtures to the trim and more, carpenters are responsible for the look and quality of major aspects of a building’s construction. Since new construction projects are always underway, securing a job in the carpentry field can allow for a sound future.
  1. Cabinetmaker – Though some carpenters apply their skills to the construction of a building, others work to ensure the contents of that building are both functional and elegant. Cabinetmakers can craft an assortment of beautiful furniture that homeowners and businesses will love.
  1. Construction laborer – In this position, workers carry out various duties on a construction site, in which their carpentry training can play a part, giving them a broader depth to their skillset.
  1. Millwright – Work as a millwright involves the installation and repair of large industrial machines, particularly machines used in manufacturing plants and machinist workshops.
  1. Tile setter – Those who love working with their hands, like carpentry students, may also find they have an interest in tile setting, leading them to this role in a construction crew. Responsibilities include installing tile flooring, shower walls, and kitchen back-splashes for a home.
  1. Insulation worker – Another vital component of a construction crew is the role of the insulation worker. Responsibilities include applying insulating materials to air duct systems, piping, storage tanks, and cold storage rooms.

In addition to these jobs, our Maryland carpentry training can also complement professions like:

  1. Construction foreman – By overseeing a construction crew and managing the roles of its workers, a construction foreman serves an essential function in the smooth operation of a construction site. 
  1. Project manager – Members of this field hold the responsibility of ensuring a project is executed properly, working with department heads to cover and troubleshoot any problems and see to the needs of clients.
  1. Construction safety specialist – These professionals oversee construction sites by focusing on enforcing compliance with safety measures which meet government regulations.
  1. Construction crew leader – Individuals in this field supervise and coordinate the work of other site crewmembers, including assigning and reviewing work, enforcing site standards, finding new hires, and managing many facets of the overall construction operation.

Classes from a carpentry school in Maryland can certainly lead you down a diverse number of paths but, in order to increase your chances of success, it helps to have formal training in the trade delivered by experienced professionals.

Learning the Foundation of the Construction Process

Carpentry is one of the most important parts of building construction because of the number of skills a carpenter must learn in order to support any type of project.

If you want to work toward becoming a carpenter, you need to learn about important skills like:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Examining a building’s architectural details
  • Affixing siding
  • Basic roofing
  • Installing bathroom fixtures
  • Wall framing
  • Building and installing cabinets

As you can see, the trade involves more than just woodworking. These are just a few of the many skills a seasoned carpenter possesses, but they are all important because of the support they provide to a larger overall construction task.

If you’re a professional who has developed these skills through our Baltimore carpentry school, you have an increased opportunity to work in a number of industries and go on to earn a carpentry salary while you perform work.

Why Participate in a Carpentry Training Program?

Taking formalized classes on a subject like carpentry is very different from learning on the job. When you learn your skills in a classroom setting and are instructed by a seasoned professional, you learn at a much faster pace than you might when undergoing entry-level training.

This means that you will move toward your earning potential at a much faster rate. With formal training, you will be able to reach your goals more quickly than many others, which can help you establish the kind of life you’ve been seeking.

So, where can you go to get the Baltimore carpentry training that will help you get ahead?


Construction Classes at North American Trade Schools

For the kind of vocational training that can help you get ahead, you need North American Trade Schools.

At NATS, we know just what it takes to help you establish a professional identity, which is why we provide students like you with Maryland carpentry training that covers what you need to know so you will be ready to work upon graduation. Remember:

  • Our carpentry classes in Maryland are taught by professionals who have spent years in the field, and our combination of classroom and hands-on training will ensure everything is covered as you develop the skills you need to get the job you want.
  • Once you finish your training, you will go through our job placement assistance program, which will help you find work with local companies that need your talents to continue growing, so that you can grow right along with them!

Also, the financial assistance that we provide to our students who qualify helps make education possible, so don’t think your dreams are out of reach. We do everything possible to help you succeed here at North American Trade Schools, so take the first step toward that success today!

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