Trade school training in Baltimore

An Experienced Maryland Trade School

For more than 30 years, North American Trade Schools in Maryland has known that the most important career decision you’ll make is seeking out new career training.

Whether you want to explore options in a different field or expand your expertise in your current position, NATS has a program that will help you today.

If you’re looking for a trade school in Baltimore, MD and are interested in job training for diesel technology, electrical technology, building construction or commercial truck driving – among many other exciting fields – North American Trade Schools has a job training program tailored just for you.

A Dedication to Student Growth

Our philosophy says it all: Real people. Real training. Real jobs.

In the workplace, getting ahead can be difficult. This is why you need the best tools available to plan your career and your future.

If you’re unhappy with your current job, know you’re not alone. At one point or another, everyone’s been there. But there are other options.

Career training can get you ready for a new job that’s in a reliable and growing field. At North American Trade Schools in Maryland, we will get you the technical training you need to not only change your job, but change your life as well.

Available Programs at our MD Trade School

We’re committed to continuing our tradition of excellence for trade schools in Baltimore (and all of Maryland), and as such the students at North American Trade Schools benefit from experienced instruction in numerous vocational disciplines.

Once you decide to join us, you can select from the following great programs:

Post-Graduation Assistance

What sets North American Trade Schools apart from other trade schools in Maryland is our commitment to our students’ futures in their chosen professional fields. We believe our responsibility extends beyond just the classroom, so we’re determined to do all we can to set you on a great path.

All of our in-depth Maryland trade school programs are also supported by a dedicated staff in our job placement assistance program. Our experienced professionals will guide you through everything you need to know to get the career of your dreams after you get your North American Trade Schools diploma.

Our services in this area include tips for:

All You Need To Do Is Contact Us

NATS’ goal is to provide students with quality commercial skills and experience, ranging from truck driving training and diesel technology training to building construction education and much more.

If you come to train in one of our programs, know that you’re not just getting instruction at a Maryland trade school – you’re taking your first step into a larger world; one with the career you’ve always wanted.

We’ve spent decades helping real people get real jobs. Contact us today so you can discover everything our Baltimore, MD trade school training can do for you!

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